Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A lot of people may be asking themselves if the concepts in Missed Fortune 101 are still viable in todays interest rate environment. The answer is a resounding, Yes!. Refinance rates are now about 6.24% according to Bankrate. If your tax bracket is 28%, deducting your mortgage interest brings your true borrowing rate down to 4.49%. That's what you got to beat to make it work, and even if you're even or slighty down there are still advantages using these tactics.

Donald Trump once said, I'm paraphrasing here "I'd rather have a million dollars and owe a million dollars than have Zero dollars in my pocket".

Douglas Andrews is holding a seminar about the concepts detailed in Missed Fortune on August 8th in Los Angeles. If anyone from the area is interested in attending, let me know and I can make arrangements.


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