Sunday, December 18, 2005

Missed Fortune by Douglas Andrew is an incredible book. A real eye opener, a life changing experience if you will. Missed Fortune carries the subtitle " Dispel the Money Myth Conceptions- Isn't it time you became wealthy?"

Douglas Andrew calls 23 common misconceptions, "Myth-Conceptions". I call them
Missed Conceptions.

Missed Conception Number 1 > The best way to pay down a house is to prepay the mortgage.

I always believed that paying off your mortgage was the best way to pay off your house but Missed Fortune shoots holes through that. Douglas Andrew shows you at least three reasons why that IS NOT the way to go. One reason is simple, the only tax deduction still afforded the average guy is their mortgage interest deduction. Someone paying six percent interest is actually paying about 4.2% interest rate taking into account a 34% tax bracket.

More Missed Conceptions to follow shortly. If you can't wait, look at my site for your free report.

Joe Hernandez


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